Philosopher as Cosmic Scientist


The traditional view of the philosopher in western culture is of the thinker, spectator and dialectician or “mental gymnast.”  He or she is relegated to the halls of academia among the dusty shelves of outworn books with little relevance for the everyday person struggling to survive and make sense of a seemingly chaotic world.

The new view proposed in this site is one of the philosopher as investigator into consciousness, into the very fabric of the universe; tracing the footprints of creation from within the Self, which is the Self of the universe.  He or she is an amalgam of the scientist and the artist in probing and appreciating nature’s deeper secrets.  They are the “transcendentalists” of the world whose vision pierces all parochialisms and dogmatisms of thought.

The Cosmic Scientist as a pioneer of consciousness systematically follows the reverse flow of the mind to the source of thought, to the origin of Being.

The philosopher’s role is to imbibe the qualities of the “Source” or “Unified Field” that is, “the Good and the Beautiful” and radiate those qualities in his or her day to day activities. Life is to be lived not thought about.  There is an old saying, “Knowledge in the books, stays in the books,” in other words, theories or information by themselves are of little use if they are not our experience.

The ‘lover of wisdom” is the lover of the truth of life and what is the truth of life? – That – which is unchanging beyond the realm of change yet found at the heart of all change.  THIS is what Plato and other Pre-Socratic philosophers experienced, not just thought about!  And this same experience is available to everyone through a system of deep meditation that transcends all thought.

Prologue: In the Greater Scheme of Things – Whispers of the Soul










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